3 November 2016 in Zurich

Distributorship contracts are the most frequently used contracts to distribute goods in a new or market, foreign country or territory. Small or large producers, importers and exporters must understand the functioning of distribution agreements. This understanding facilitates efficient negotiations, drafting and the conclusion of such agreements. The better understanding of the functioning of distribution is one key to success with the contracting business partners. Identifying the right partner requires more and more due diligence skills.

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Clean Energy offers different waste storage solutions with emissions effects 0. Nestlé engages in "Creating Shared Value" with 3 pillars: respect for water and the environment, rural development and nutrition for everyone. Human rights and environmental protection are two principles strictly applied in all Swiss Re transactions. Glencore protects the health and welfare of its employees at the Raglan mine. These were a few examples of the business contribution to UN goals for sustainable development, presented in Berne on 3 October.

One year after the approval of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 – how ICC and companies contribute

Monday 3 October 2016, 14:00 in Berne

In September 2015, the member states of the United Nations approved a new global development agenda (Agenda 2030) with a set of Development Goals designed to resolve two of the most critical issues confronting the world community: to eradicate poverty and to promote sustainable development. Companies have a decisive role to these Development Goals in the context of their own activities, independent of government programs.

Der G20 Gipfel 2016 stellt am 4-5 September 2016 in Hangzhou, China wichtige Weichen für international tätige Unternehmen in der Schweiz. Sie können über die Internationale Handelskammer ICC auf diesen Prozess Einfluss nehmen. Diese hat eine Reihe von Empfehlungen zu sieben zentralen Politikbereiche veröffentlicht, um zu einem nachhaltigen Wirtschaftswachstum beizutragen.

Offene Märkte sind für die international tätigen Unternehmen in der Schweiz von besonderer Bedeutung. Die G20-Diskussionen sind dafür entscheidend. ICC ermöglicht durch die Führung der Wirtschaftsgruppe B-20 einen direkten Zugang zum G20-Prozess. Für unsere Unternehmen ist dies umso wichtiger, da die Schweiz als Land kein G20-Mitglied ist.

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The Swiss Arbitration and ADR Committee held 1 July 2016 a meeting in Paris between the Secretariat of the Court and the Swiss arbitrators, under the chairmanship of Mr. Urs Weber-Stecher. At the meeting, besides the general issues of procedures and specific questions, it was mostly to strengthen the relations between the staff of the Secretariat of the Court and the Swiss arbitration community and to meet with some of the counsels personally. A dinner in the presence of Mr. Dominique Hascher, Supreme Advisor to the French Supreme Court was held the day before with the French Committee of ICC and the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in France. The Study Tour in 2016 was a great success and will be organized again in 2017.

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6 July 2016 – Regional Trade Agreements can not replace the multilateral system. Mr Yonov Fredericke Agah, Deputy Director General of the World Trade Organization delivered a special contribution at the Annual Assembly of ICC Switzerland.

As one fundamental mission of the world business organization is to help business meet challenges and opportunities of globalization, Philip Kucharski, Chief Operating Officer presented the new ICC projects.

This year, the General Assembly of ICC Switzerland had a specific focus on the important work of the ICC commissions. Each coordinator presented a specific issue discussed in «his» commission. This was followed by an open exchange with the participants. The meeting has been an occasion for members to have a clearer picture of the actual important topics. We had also the honour of hearing Georges Affaki on «International Arbitration and Economic Sanctions: The Way Forward».

The Annual Assembly of ICC Switzerland took place on 6 July in Zurich in the premise of Swiss Re. A special highlight was the keynote of our Guest of honour Mr Yonov Frederick Agah, Deputy Director General of the World Trade Organization.




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